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  • Otros de lospaquetes, con rutas: Otras 2 Guias con numeros: Por favor agradecere mucho su ayuda con la informacion solicitada, gracias. Necesito saber donde puedo recoger el paquete mnmx que se me envio desde el 2 de septiembre y ahun no llega a mi domicilio. En verdad deja mucho que desear. Otra empleada comento que a veces olvidan entregar documentos y ahi los dejan hasta que se acuerdan.

    Se paga un servicio y no lo respetan! La vdd no se por donde va ki paquete. Xq si ke preocupa el paquete. Quiero pensar que son una oficina seria. Correo Mayor Guadalajara, Jal. Venustiano Carranza e Independencia No. Plaza Independencia Guadalajara, Jal.

    Palacio Federal, Guadalajara, Jal. Villas de San Juan Guadalajara, Jal. San Felipe, Guadalajara, Jal. He served a one-year term. People have lauded his superb oratorical skills, for which he developed a reputation. A successful businessman, he and his son founded the Falcon International Bank, one of the largest Hispanic owned banks in the United States.

    I first heard his name mentioned when I was growing up in the barrio El Azteca in Laredo, Texas during the early s. We lived at San Pablo Avenue and across the street lived the Laurel family, in a nice modest brick house, at the southwest corner of Iturbide Street and San Pablo Avenue.

    Though I never met him during this time, but very often his name appeared in the Laredo Times, announcing his participation in many communtiy and civic affairs and especially his judicial cases as District Attorney. Then, in the early s when I commenced my research on the Judge Manuel B. Bravo Papers for the writing of my award-winning political biography, Border Boss: Laurel to Judge Bravo, dated September 12, In his letter, he stated, "You will long be remembered as being the most outstanding public official in its long and colorful political history.

    You have always unflinchingly championed the cause of the people in Zapata and your well-known stand against the unreasonableness of the 'taking' by the United States government of Falcon Dam, will never be forgotten by those who greatly benefited from your actions. Laurel in his home. We had a delightful afternoon and I took copious notes. On March 29, , at the age of 80 years old, he passed away to his eternal reward. His bust in the lobby of the Webb County Courthouse in Laredo is an impressive tribute to the memory of this outstanding man. As an attachment, I have included a photograph of Oscar M.

    Laurel was born in Laredo, Texas, on June 8, After service as an airplane mechanic on B and B bombers, he was discharged as a staff sergeant in Then he enrolled in pre-law at the University of Texas and graduated from the South Texas College of Law in Houston in , passing the bar exam the same year. Other positions that Laurel has held include: Nicholson and Oscar M. He followed his principles as President and was remarkably successful in achieving his policy goals. Harding and Coolidge inherited one of the worst economic disasters in American history.

    In , the unemployment rate was In response, Harding and Coolidge did not blame their predecessor, Woodrow Wilson, for the disaster they inherited. They went about putting their principles into practice and turning the economy around, and they were extremely effective in doing so. They employed a three-step plan. Reduce the burden of regulation.

    Due to the passage of the Budget and Accounting Act of , Coolidge had a newfound power to propose an annual budget, giving him some influence over spending issues. Coolidge won his war on federal spending: At the same time, Coolidge worked with Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon to pass three successive income tax reduction plans. The purpose of reducing spending, he noted, was to protect the property rights of citizens. It condemns the citizen to servitude. Many blame faulty government policies in particular, faulty monetary policy pursued by the Federal Reserve for exacerbating a normal and temporary downturn.

    While this debate will never be fully settled, it is probably fair to say that the prosperity of the s was bound to level off at some point. Juan Salgado is a leader in helping immigrants overcome barriers to success in the workplace and build the human capital of their communities. Most adults in these communities work in menial jobs and face formidable barriers to upward mobility; few have high school diplomas, and many lack the English-language skills needed for a GED or vocational training program. Salgado has pioneered an education program that adapts the principles of contextualized learning to equip these workers with the skills that lead to higher-paying employment in manufacturing and health care, sectors with a growing demand for a diverse, multilingual workforce.

    Participants achieve three goals concurrently: Instituto also provides counseling to identify and overcome other obstacles to employment, such as transportation, child care, and elder care. In , he opened a charter school, Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy, which offers counseling and support to students beyond graduation through the first two years of postsecondary education or training. Salgado has built an effective ladder to opportunity in the Instituto del Progreso Latino, empowering individuals, lifting families out of poverty, and creating a model program with national reach.

    Juan Salgado received an A. Photos High-resolution photos for download. Right-click on a link below to save the file to your computer. San Bernardino, CA The protests got national attention and President Lyndon B. Johnson intervened to get Longoria buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Since then, some activists have come to equate the structure and marker, placed there in , to Rosa Parks and the African-American civil rights struggle. Some in Three Rivers, however, have continued to deny what happened. A cadre of historians, respected, peer-reviewed and published, have studied the evidence to write papers, chapters and books.

    The county historical commission, ordinarily involved in such work, sat out that effort. Sometime after the site was razed, the historical marker also came down, though details have been hard to come by.

    In an email, Hudson said a car accidentally backed into it and knocked it down. Activists would believe that, if not for the lack of openness around the incident. Chris Florance, spokesman for the Texas Historical Commission, referred most questions to the county organization, including whether the removal could result in penalties or even if a felony might have been committed. Such markers are state property. It was unclear who has possession of the marker.

    In the email, Hudson said the property owner filed a police report about the marker. Santiago Hernandez, who was active in the G. Garcia, question the details that have surfaced. The author is not related to the civic rights leader. Just not where a funeral home denied Pvt. Laurie Gilkerson, repeats herself three times in saying that there was never a police report made on the incident. The photo below was taken April 17, during the unveiling of the Longoria plaque.

    It was placed in front of the Rice Funeral Home. Sometime prior to March of this year, the Rice Funeral Home was demolished to make room for a parking lot. In March, I received word from Wanda that the historic marker and pole were gone. She said, "I could not get any definite information on who had it. A police report was filed.

    The city, according to Mayor Sam Garcia, agreed to pay for repairs and shipping. The property where the marker sat originally had been turned into a parking lot for nearby businesses.

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    The new property owner requested that the historical marker be reinstalled at a safe location elsewhere in town. Once repairs were completed, the foundry shipped the marker back to Three Rivers for reinstallation. There will be a ceremony at 10 a. Although most Mexican-America historians and activists know about the Longoria case; its importance in the Civil Rights movement, on the sites gathered by a google search on the topic: Is Mexican-American leadership, not receiving sufficient community support, or just not making an effort for inclusion?

    It appears what is needed is more effort on our part for inclusion in American history and civil rights. All over minority groups are lobbying for their inclusion in American history. Anyone researching would find us among other groups that fought for justice. If we are not on the sites, such as Timeline of Civil Right, the general public will think we are not on those timelines because historically we were not there. We need to change that perception by making sure that we are fairly included on US sites that purport to be US historical timelines. We owe it to our youth and the general public to know that Latinos have fought and died for our country, not only with guns, but through community service, and within their fields of occupation, dedicated to making our country better for everyone.

    Weary of stereotypical representations of Native Americans, the high school teacher is determined to photograph every federally-recognized Native American tribe in the country. The project is called Project , after the federally-recognized tribes. People fighting hard to maintain tribal sovereignty and protect ancestral ways, who also have children and family problems and chaos and order and love, like any other people.

    Wilbur has been on the road for more than three years now on a journey that has covered more than , miles so far. Let us remember that these federal US policies were after to the Spanish colonization, in which the Spanish goal was, intermarriage, cultural blending and co-mingling of societies, which resulted in "indigenous" being the most common DNA identification among Southwest Latinos.

    She ultimately plans to exhibit the photos, publish them and see her images used in education curricula. It lands somewhere on your spirit, and your heart and how you feel about yourself. Native American youth have the highest suicide levels in the country and Wilbur saw first-hand how false and outdated impressions of Native Americans negatively impacted them and how they felt about themselves.

    Ultimately, she hopes her photographs of a diverse people will be not only informative, but also uplifting. There are surely ways of sharing our family history and personal thoughts. Paul shares his through music. Texas Talks allows TSHA members to engage with preeminent Texas history scholars, who provide relevant historical information on a variety of topics in an interactive platform, ideal for general audiences, educators, and students on the go who love Texas history.

    Last month, the notable Dr. Frank de la Teja gave an excellent talk on Spanish missions in Texas and discussed the experiences of Fray Margil, taking thought-provoking live questions from Texas history educators and enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about this fascinating topic. Find out at PastForward What does the future hold for preservation? But today, because of the work of our hundreds of thousands of members, partner organizations, and Latin communities nationwide who have refused to give up the fight for equality, our movement has grown.

    We find ourselves now in a much better position to fundamentally change our political and day-to-day reality.

    Rastro Municipal De Zapopan

    Our next phase of work is going to take additional resources. Can you make a contribution to help Favianna, Oscar, and Matt start on the strongest financial footing possible? There is so much that needs our urgent attention — from pushing back on a culture of hate, to addressing continued mass incarceration and immigrant detention of our people, to ending the use of toxic fossil fuels and addressing climate change. We have a lot of work to do. We played a central role in the media justice space, holding major corporations like Comcast and other telecoms accountable to the interest of Latino families.

    It's why getting your support is so key to this transition. So please, support this work during this critical movement-building moment. Our communities are facing tremendous violence and hateful discrimination, despite these victories. We are arrested at higher rates for crimes we commit at far lower rates. Racial inequality is rampant. Latinos are disproportionately affected by climate change. We face sky-high cancer and asthma rates from toxic fossil fuel facilities in our communities, along with extreme flooding and droughts caused by the same fossil fuel corporations, and climate change.

    With our new leadership, Presente. We will hold Democrats and Republicans accountable. Japanese Surrender - Amazing Footage Sept 2, Actual voice of the General. Sent by Val Valdez Gibbons. This was quite a project. Good for the photographer!! Not much space is given in U. In Polish immigrants had journeyed to Karnes County in South Texas and celebrated Christmas Mass with Moczygemba under a live oak tree at the future church site.

    Borden opened the General Land Office in Houston. John, with his brother Gail Borden Jr. As first commissioner of the new land office, John Borden faced the monumental job of compiling and preserving the many Spanish and Mexican land titles issued before the republic. He began with no funds or employees to assist him, yet by the end of he had successfully acquired documents from all over Texas. He also registered and surveyed new grants. In he moved the General Land Office to Austin and transported almost 5, pounds of documents by wagon.

    The military bounties , veteran donations , head-rights , and homestead preemptions issued by Borden and successive commissioners amounted to more than 75 million acres granted to individuals. The right to purchase something before others, especially the right to purchase public land that is granted to one who has settled on that land. A purchase made by such a right.

    Prior seizure of , appropriation of , or claim to something, such as property. Law The doctrine that federal law takes precedence over state law. Topics covered include Restoring Your Rosenwald School: Practical Care and Maintenance of Rosenwald Schools. Click HERE for the playlist of session recordings: Zapata himself had been a reluctant revolutionary. But it was not to be. The rest of the people stayed under the trees, confidently resting in the shade with their carbines stacked.

    Three times the bugle sounded the honor call; and as the last note died away, as the General in Chief reached the threshold of the door … at point blank, without giving him time even to draw his pistols, the soldiers who were presenting arms fired two volleys, and our unforgettable General Zapata fell never to rise again.

    Remembering Zapata is how we celebrate our heritage. Muchos lugares ya han llegado al V Centenario y otros se preparan para ello. Campos y Escalante https: Former resident of Moraga, Louise A. She was 76, and the immediate cause was an infection. She grew up in central coastal California, the oldest of four siblings, and in off-school hours worked the fields with her family.

    Encouraged by a typing instructor, she graduated from Watsonville High School with a scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles, earning an M. She married Howard H. Kerr then finishing graduate studies in American literature and moved with him to Evanston, Il. She completed graduate work in U. Believing that academics should engage the public, Kerr advocated for the then-nascent fields of ethnic and urban history, oral history, and public history.

    She received multiple honors and fellowships, contributed to essay collections and periodicals, and was named associate dean at Loyola and, eventually, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the National Endowment for the Humanities from to , Kerr was among historian advisers during preparations to re-open Ellis Island as a memorial museum, and she was recognized by an oral history project of Smith College honoring pioneers of women's history.

    In , Kerr retired with her husband to California's East Bay. She attended First Congregational Church of Berkeley, sang alto in the Moraga community chorus, and served on the board of Shelter Inc. In she relocated to the Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, Md. A life-long supporter and student of the arts, she organized a Chinese brush painting class and was active until her death on Riderwood's Scholarship, African-American History, and Gala Planning committees.

    She was celebrated by friends old and new for her forthright spirit, range of insight, and the graceful resolve with which she sought and shared joy through five decades of rheumatoid arthritis. Predeceased by her beloved husband, Howard H. Kerr, she was devoted to the well-being of two daughters: Catherine, of Watertown, Ma. Donations in her memory, marked "memorial for Louise Kerr," may be made to the Riderwood scholarship fund dedicated to helping that community's staff obtain a higher education and mailed to Riderwood Philanthropy Department, Gracefield Road, Silver Spring, MD Published in Contra Costa Times on Sept.

    An evidence technician waits to measure the scene of a fatal shooting in the block of West Street, beneath Interstate , Tuesday, Sept. Oakland Police officials say an artist working on a community mural in a freeway underpass was shot and killed after an apparent argument with the shooter. Some neighborhoods, communities, are areas that people fear to tread.

    Areas that takes more than just a touch. This young man, and others like him, take part peacefully, and give of themselves to reach and place a smile and touch their hearts. Using Art as the voice and visual talent displayed, that can be learned by many. Going to school, partake in a arts program, something of the sorts that stimulate the minds of our youth.

    We believe his contributions, his dedication, his love of the arts, music, and more that he took his brush and with every stroke, brought forward his dream force to see. The diverse cultures he reached and touched the hearts in doing so, will never be forgotten. Antonio Ramos, 27 years of age, his work will not go unfinished.

    His fellow muralists, will see to that if not more. Has been decided, the muralist will paint a picture of Antonio on site. In closing, unfortunately, his family, and closest friends bears the pain in losing their loved one to a senseless cruelty, no matter what that individual was looking to gain in killing him. We pray and hope that such atrocities someday ends. Those of us who are fathers, mothers, who have a son, daughter, who are led to partake in their communities, other, via their works, is not only a treasure in your household family, but, to others as well.

    Let him or her know, the love is there for what they do. P, Antonio, the world has lost your presence, but, your spirit and experiences will live in the hearts of your loved ones, your community, and the children you embraced. Oakland become stronger in his work. Attached link for support to his family needs of Antonio Ramos. When it came to standing for the rights of others, Frankie Rivera could be counted on. A dedicated activist who attended numerous marches and demonstrations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area armed with his Native American drum and long braided hair, Rivera died on Aug.

    It was in prison where Rivera learned about his roots from fellow Native Americans and decided to dedicate his life to activism. And he just bounced back. Lee Polanco, an elder with the Texas-based Coahuiltecan tribe who has counseled Native American inmates across the country, first met Rivera at the California Medical Facility, a state prison in Vacaville. One day when he entered his office at the prison, Polanco noticed a young man cleaning the floor on his hands and knees. He made mistakes, but he had a good heart.

    After being released from prison, Rivera met Jackeline Oms online, where the two began a long distance relationship about nine years ago. She also remembers their most recent conversations, where Rivera revealed his struggles to find food to eat and about being taken advantage of by roommates.

    He wanted to see me, and I was struggling to get to him. Fighting her own battle with papillary thyroid cancer, Oms had planned to make the lengthy trip from New York to California to visit with Rivera. Her health however never allowed for that. A Poem for Frankie by Jackeline Oms. Here in my chest I bear a void where my heart used to live…now what in an instant had become vacant here in this void a new and deep embedded pain has settled. My being is disintegrating. Larry Kirkpatrick entered eternal rest on Friday, October 9, at the age of Larry was a Texas native born in Junction, Texas.

    After serving as a Capt. He received a Masters Degree in Accounting and a Masters of Library Science in order to do what he loved most - research Texas history especially Spanish Colonial period and genealogy. Larry always had his hand in more than a handful of research projects and then some. He is survived by his wife and best friend, Yolanda and three adult children: He is also survived by grandchildren: Larry was known by his family and friends to be generous, supportive and loving and always willing to help anyone.

    He will be greatly missed. When the American flag is flown, it serves as a patriotic symbol for those who see its stars and stripes. As time goes on and flags become more worn down, it becomes easy to overlook the tattered edges. And a tattered flag always has captured the attention of Korean War veteran and Vallejo resident Edward Grijalva. Grijalva says a number of businesses own wind-battered flags — something he wishes more business owners would take note of and replace. Who could care less about a flag? See, I notice those things. The American Legion has a flag code governing how flags should be displayed or destroyed once the flag is no longer suitable for use.

    Victory Stores owner Raymond Prather manages the upkeep of several flags along the outside of his shop on Virginia Street in downtown Vallejo. Because of this, Prather donated a new flag to a Vallejo business for Grijalva, who had noticed a tattered flag outside the business. For Grijalva, and other veterans, the flag is more than just a rectangular piece of fabric. Because of that symbolism to so many, Grijalva said he just hopes more people would take the time to look at their flags and replace those that are weathered. Freedom is not free, you know that. Contact Dianne de Guzman at Having grown up with tacos since I was a kid, I know what it means to us as our daily staple diet.

    But that was life back then. A few years later I get married, my wife gets pregnant, and I get called up to serve in Vietnam, all in While there I receive a package from my wife with about 50 flour tortillas that took about ten to fifteen days to get to our small camp in the Mekong Delta. They were packed very well in a box and sealed with double plastic.

    Directorio de empresas en Jalisco

    The first four or five tortillas on each side of the stack were green with mold, but other than that the others were so yummy! For the Hispanics at the camp it was a feast we will never forget. Yes, there are things in life you will never forget. We salute them all! You can use the button below to contact us to suggest a Latino-American hero to add to this page. Suggest a Latino Hero! We include all Latino-American veterans who have served and sacrificed in the cause of freedom. They, too, are remembered and honored.

    Our historic efforts are dedicated to them as well, and we salute them with the eternal gratitude that is underscored by the statement, "Freedom is NOT free. General Retired Richard E. His first Army combat assignment was as a young Borinqueneer officer in Korea. There, he earned the admiration and respect of the Puerto Rican soldiers, and became known as a true soldiers' officer. See our Historia page for more on Gen. Cavazos, including his Borinqueneer Distinguished Service Cross citation. Peralta gave his life for his fellow Marines Sgt. Rafael Peralta, "In his parent's home, on his bedroom walls hung only three items - a copy of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and his boot camp graduation certificate.

    He later became an American citizen while serving in the Marine Corps. On November 15, , 25 year old Sgt. Peralta, deployed to Iraq as a scout team leader assigned to Company A, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, along with his team was ordered to clear houses in the Operation Phantom Fury. Peralta was not assigned to enter the buildings, but chose to do so anyway. Sergeant Peralta led his team through a series of house clearings before charging into the fourth house.

    He found two rooms empty on the ground floor. Peralta opened a third door and was hit multiple times with AK fire, leaving him severely wounded. He dropped to the floor and moved aside in order to allow the Marines behind him to return fire. The insurgents responded by throwing a grenade at the Marines. The two Marines with Sgt. Peralta tried to get out of the room but could not. Peralta was still conscious on the floor and reports indicate that despite his wounds, he was able to reach for the grenade and pull it under his body absorbing the majority of the lethal blast and shrapnel which killed him instantly, but saved the lives of his fellow Marines.

    He received the Navy Cross posthumously in His comrades, family, veterans, and many others have also supported the cause that Sgt. Peralta be awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor. We hope so, too. The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Army Sgt. Isela Rubalcava, died in combat while serving in the war in Iraq in She joined a long list of Latinos and other Americans who, before her and after her, served and sacrificed for their precious country and its people.

    We salute them all, and pledge not to take for granted their legacy and the liberties and opportunities that they sought to protect! See Fox News Latino story on Sgt. Rubalcava from Memorial Day Sergeant First Class Pedro A. Munoz Yambo , United States Army, was awarded the Silver Star Posthumously for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy while serving as Operations and Intelligence Sergeant assigned to 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, while conducting an offensive operation in Shindand, Afghanistan, on 2 January On that date, while in pursuit of a mid-level Taliban commander, Sergeant Munoz entered a room filled with women and children, when an enemy fighter opened fire on him.

    In spite of his wounds, Sergeant Munoz returned fire and killed his assailant without harming anyone else. His dedication and his courage are evident through his actions: Sergeant First Class Munoz's gallant actions and dedicated devotion to duty, without regard for his own life, were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.

    He received the Medal of Honor for his heroic and unparalleled actions in combat near L? We also highly recommend the YouTube video below. Marec is a successful writer of librettos for operas. His is one of only seven portraits currently hung in this historic room. The governors of each chapter presented their chapter reports covering all the activities throughout the past twelve months. Members of the Washington D. Sent by Joe Perez, jperez satx.

    The monument will be prominently located in Menard Park on Seawall Boulevard near the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, an entertainment complex that welcomes five million visitors from Houston and the Gulf Coast each year. This community development project combines visual arts, preservation of Galveston park space, public education, and a patriotic honoring of our ethnically diverse ancestors. The chapter meets monthly and contributes to Harris and Galveston Counties through educational functions, parades, presentations and ceremonies for veterans and first responders, recognition of participants in ROTC, scouting, and public service, and other events as representatives of the Sons of the American Revolution.

    Patriotism is at the forefront of American culture, especially since the tragedy of September 11, Following the Spanish-American War of , references to Spanish and Mexican patriots were removed from many history books. It will serve to educate a public that may not realize its heritage as descendants of patriots who fought for American independence. The proposed site was selected by the Chapter to maximize exposure to the statue. The plaza will finish and improve the eastern Seawall corner of Menard Park with landscaping, descriptive weather-proof history signage, and commemorative brick and granite dedication plaques.

    Kaposta has already completed a bronze miniature of the approximately foot-tall proposed equestrian statue. Local Galvestonian and experienced Gulf Coast landscape architect Bob Duke is acting as consultant and contractor for the park landscaping and scope of the installation. The City of Galveston supports this project, and the local Parks and Recreation Department has committed to providing maintenance of the park site.

    Grant proposals are being submitted to similar private foundations that, like The Brown Foundation, support capital projects designed to educate the public about American history and culture. If you have any questions about this project proposal, please feel free to contact Bill Adriance at , or via email at bill. World history jumped on the use of term.

    Thank you for your interest in the topic. Mimi Dear Mimi, Good Morning. I have always questioned the wrong usage or wrong definitions, especially those that come from outsiders without the intimate knowledge we have of our own culture. We need to speak out and correct them or they will continue to call Lime the Lemons and viceversa!

    The topic that we started with There are a lot of words and definitions that need correction or elimination from our vocabulary and particularly from the lexicon of our Anglo cousins. Someone has to start it As you said, many wrong, distorted and inaccurate fictions are embedded in the US psyque and if we use their terminology, we validate those opinions. I think you see my point. I am afraid that if we fail now, future generations will have a harder time as real meanings get lost in history and the dictatorship of the uneducated masses make its use commonly accepted, as there are many examples.

    Have a great weekend. Lesser adelantados adelantados menores held similar powers, but they were often stationed along the frontiers, becoming known as frontier adelantados adelantados fronterizos , and figured prominently in the military colonization of the Americas. Estos merodeadores llegaban por miles e invernaban en la laguna de jaco. Voluntarios persiguieron a los indios hasta Saltillo y en su camino iban saqueando y matando gentes. Ducado de Arcos" Archivo: Until now, the conventional wisdom had been that the first groups of modern humans left Africa roughly 70, years ago, stopping in the Middle East en route to Europe, Asia and beyond.

    Then about 3, years ago, a group of farmers from the Middle East and present-day Turkey came back to the Horn of Africa probably bringing crops like wheat, barley and lentils with them. Population geneticists pieced this story together by comparing the DNA of distinct groups of people alive today. Since humans emerged in Africa, DNA from an ancient Africa could provide a valuable genetic baseline that would make it easier for scientists to track genome changes over time.

    Unfortunately, such DNA has been hard to come by. The samples of ancient DNA that have been sequenced to date were extracted from bodies in Europe and Asia that were naturally refrigerated in cooler climates. His body was found face-down in Mota cave, which is situated in the highlands in the southern part of the country. The cool, dry conditions in the cave preserved his DNA, and scientists extracted a sample from the petrous bone at the base of his skull. The resulting sequence is the first nuclear genome from an ancient African, according to a report published Thursday in the journal Science.

    Radiocarbon dating revealed that the bone was 4, years old. That meant Mota as the researchers called him lived before Eurasians returned to the African continent. Consistent with that timeline, Mota did not have any of the genetic variants for light-colored eyes or skin that evolved in the populations that left Africa.

    Tizapán el Alto | Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco

    Nor did he have variants that arose in Eurasian farmers that allowed them to digest milk as adults. Mota did have three variants that are known to help modern-day Ethiopians live in high altitudes. The present-day town of Mota lies more than 8, feet above sea level. With this information, the research team was able to investigate the mysterious group of Eurasians that came to Africa 3, years ago. They created a model that assumed the Ari genome was a mixture of DNA from Mota and an unknown population from west Eurasia.

    Two results stood out from the rest. One was for modern-day Sardinians, who are known to be the closest living relatives to the earliest farmers. The other was for members of the so-called LBK culture in Germany, early farmers who lived about 7, years ago. If the Eurasian settlers who arrived in Africa 3, years ago were indeed descendants of the LBK farmers, then the story of their migration through Africa needs to be revised, the researchers wrote. All of those migrants ultimately pushed farther into Africa than previously thought, they determined.

    Establish cyberspace communication with town where heritage originates. For a new Filipino researcher, Eddie makes a suggestion which is good for everyone. But with the advent of cyberspace communication, I started having friends all over the world when I started doing cyberspace communication.

    So my advise to the person is to be active in cyberspace communication to meet friends you need to get to what you are looking for if you can't find what you are looking for in a library or other institutions. Of course I search all avenues especially google and other search tools to get what I want to know and if I do not find them then I resort to asking my cyberspace friends for information.

    Access Hundreds of Presentations. Genealogy by Barry newsletter provides fresh content, tips and tricks, secrets to research success and 's of valuable ideas. Learn at your own pace. Genealogy by Barry has created and update hundreds of presentations on genealogy and family history topics. The following are examples of what you will find. Extremely Effective Habits of Genealogists.

    On sale now Barry's book " Family Treasures Permission to Reuse Content. Ewell a message with your questions and comments. To qualify, presidents must demonstrate an institutional vision and commitment to access and excellence in undergraduate education that embraces diversity, community investment, and curriculum innovation. Natalicio has led the University for 27 years, dramatically increasing its capacity to deliver high quality degree programs, as well as secure grant funding for research and creative activities by building an infrastructure and campus environment supportive of students, faculty, and staff.

    Please join us in congratulating President Natalicio for this notable honor from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Carnegie Corporation of New York announcement reads as follows: Diana Natalicio became President of The University of Texas at El Paso in , and since then, has transformed a small, regional university for commuters into a national public research university. In the process, she has created a model for helping Hispanic students succeed. In a city where four out of five residents are Hispanic, President Natalicio has focused on access and affordability for students, most of whom are low income and the first in their families to attend college.

    Among her accomplishments, President Natalicio has: Emily Thornton is a staff writer for Gazette Newspapers. She can be reached at ethornton gazettes. And most important, for making possible the launching of this program to impart a vast amount of Ethnic Studies knowledge to over LBUSD High School students, currently enrolled in 12 sections of the course U. Undoubtedly, the interest in our community is huge, given that close to parents and students attended the orientations at each H.

    This exceptional opportunity will plant the seeds for future generations of young people of all ethnicities and cultures, to increase their appreciation of each other, and foster tolerance, understanding and a brotherhood across racial, social and economic differences. As we embark upon this unprecedented 5-year commitment made to the Long Beach Ethnic Studies Program by Superintendent Steinhauser, we are challenged to produce results that will match and surpass his pledge, with great success as a national Ethnic Studies Model that other school districts and universities can replicate throughout California and the U.

    Barbara Kim not pictured. Standing from left to right: Jose Luis Serrano Najera, Prof. Long Beach, CA www. We provide multiple formats in order to meet the needs of all students, as well as their families. The book is more than merely a directory. The selection of The Scholarship Directory was announced on September 15, in Washington, DC, where it is being included in a national online catalog with other programs investing in education for Hispanics.

    In November , the Scholarship Directory will become available electronically on a major new website. From the time the Scholarship Directory was first published in , more than , students have had access to it. To become involved in this effort, please contact Andres Tobar at or email andrestobar45 gmail. B right Spots in Hispanic Education national online catalog http: The History Blueprint initiative is designed to address the marginalization of the discipline by providing teachers, administrators, and parents research-based and Standards-aligned resources to develop student critical thinking, literacy skills, and historical content knowledge.

    Blueprint curriculum combines primary and secondary sources, and strategies for developing critical thinking and literacy to engage students and increase learning. Blueprint resources incorporate a research-based, classroom-tested, and Standards-aligned approach to develop expository reading comprehension and writing ability. Supporting student reading sample lesson: Why did Lincoln Fight? Supporting student writing sample lesson: What did the U.

    Utilizing our statewide network of expert teacher leaders and scholars, Blueprint professional development programs provide expert modeling, ongoing mentoring, and collaborative support to improve classroom instruction and increase student learning and literacy. These materials, however, are designed for K12 educational purposes, and as such, teachers have the right to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. This use is predicated on the assumption that educators will give appropriate credit, provide a link to our site http: Educators may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the University or the California or the California History-Social Science Project endorses said teacher, school, or related organization.

    Finally, educators or any members of the public may not apply any legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from accessing the materials or doing anything that this agreement permits.

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    • Equipo para rastros y empacadoras en Zapopan, Jalisco México| Hook Heman;
    • La Guerra de Independencia!

    For details see here: For example, the 11th. Students can analyze push and pull factors that contributed to shifting immigration patterns, but they should also learn about changes in immigration policy. Propositions , , and attacked illegal immigration, affirmative action, and bilingual education. While all but one provision of Proposition was blocked by federal courts, throughout the s and even more so after the September 11, terrorist attacks, Congress provided for increased border enforcement.

    By the s the status of Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigration became a national political discussion. Our effort was to change the document before it went out to review. It is very difficult to achieve changes once the QIMC adopts the draft. So, we have won the day, but work remains to be done. We need to monitor that these changes are accepted. But, as Cesar Chavez taught, celebrate your victories. We have made no commitments to not push for more. Please read the drafts and submit your proposals directly to the QIM Commission. This is a breakthrough on an effort we have been working on each revision since Thank all of you who assisted.

    This will change the textbooks in California at the next adoption. For a detailed history of the effort, see here https: In the program, Sergio is seen working on the painting above, while discussing his use of his art as a instrument of Chicano activism. Examples of some of his painting, plus some of his sharp, political cartoons will probably result in you viewing the program a few times, as I did. During the interview, Sergio was asked about a magazine produced in the s, Con Safos. I was familiar with Con Safos. I wrote Sergio asking if anyone had written a full article on the history of Con Safos.

    I was pleased to read Sergio's response, "There is a book being written right now by Maxine Jung and a video documentary being produced by Jim Velarde If you are on Facebook, do check Sergio out and be amused with his biting cartoons. His perspective is probably much more developed then most of us. But Leticia has a secret: Along with other famed graffiti artists and writers, Darryl Makes Comics is creating a universe that speaks to a generation of children of color raised on hip-hop culture.

    Recently I spoke with Miranda-Rodriguez, editor-in-chief of Darryl Makes Comics, about their newest heroine and the confluence of hip hop and comics in communities of color. Did you know she would appear later issues as a heroine in her own right when that scene was being put together? How did you decide that Leticia would be the main heroine of DMC 1.

    When we set out to make our inaugural graphic novel, we focused our energy on creating a universe that reflected a New York that was familiar to all of us. I initially had the idea of a city that looked like it was set in the s because of the grittiness of the streets and the wildstyle graffiti everywhere. I was personally acquainted with many graffiti artists so I wanted them to be part of a comic book, which was never done before.

    I also knew that were we to create an alternate universe in which Darryl McDaniels never picked up a microphone or became part of Run DMC, it needed to be set in the s to parallel the height of his music career. In this world he graduated from St. As an art teacher, I introduced many of my students to hip-hop culture via lessons that embraced the entire culture of graffiti, DJing, emceeing and b-boying breaking. The classroom for me was a space where knowledge was shared from the facilitator teacher to the student and back again.

    For DMC 1, the students in the classrooms needed to reflect the savviness of growing up in Nueva York. A student like Leticia Lebron was very real for me. We wanted all of our characters for that book to have substance and depth. As a character, DMC was a legend that needed to be brought to life by characters who themselves had interesting personalities. DMC has been quoted many times saying that his goal has always been to expand the universe and introduce more characters. He was using himself and notoriety to open doors in this fictional world similar to how he did in the real world he brought Public Enemy to Def Jam.

    These characters spoke to us. Leticia spoke the loudest. She wanted her own adventure, to step up. It felt right to give her the first try. The three of us I remember sat in that meeting staring at each other and excited about giving LAK6 her own book. I was then charged with the responsibility of putting together the team to do it. It needed for me to look like a b-girl and graffiti writer. I also wanted to keep her young, at 13, so that she would be drawn as a young woman.

    Coincidentally she did a paper on Lady Pink at this time, so it was destined that she pen the script based on the short story I had come up with. I went back to Lady Pink who provided all the original graffiti for the book, and brought in my friend Kristin Sorra to digitally color all of the art. In addition, a team very close to me are The Santerians created by Joe Quesada based on the orishas who were the stars of my first art exhibition with Marvel at the Caribbean Cultural Center here in New York. LAK6 is a unique character in that she represents an amalgamation of cultures and a composite of real life women.

    She represented graffiti, b-girls and wing chun.

    Zapopan atenderá observaciones de las autoridades estatales para reabrir el Rastro Municipal

    I purposefully picked this neighborhood to remind people of what the city was before all of the development and gentrification. How would you describe a b-boy geek? Abelard is Reed Richards and Oscar himself is the Thing. Junot and I would also go on and on about hip hop, from Wu Tang to Nas. I was born in , which may explain why I was less into superhero comics as a kid and more into superhero shows that exploded in the latter half of the Eighties, such as X-Men, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters.

    Nonetheless, why do you think these characters and their stories are so popular with kids, specifically black and Latino kids often from working-class families?


    Superheroes speak to all cultures generation after generation. You also have no one to blame but yourselves, and before you get too angry by my saying that, hear me out. If you leave your country for one with a different dominant language, and you raise your kids giving them hell over their use of your mother tongue, and you use it as a source of criticism and shame, while at the same time telling everyone how proud you are to. No one is to blame but yourselves, and before you get too angry by my saying that, hear me out. How can we expect Latino unity when half our population makes us feel bad for not meeting a certain standard of latinidad?

    How can you expect people to carry on traditions and maintain the culture, when you all but tell them they have to abandon the old ways in order to fit in and achieve the American Dream? The behavior is beyond hypocritical, and it is the reason why when I see a video of a slam poet bashing the Spanish language and how she associates Spanish with all the bad things in her life, and the comment boards are praising her to high heaven and calling her brave for what, I am not sure , I cannot help but feel sad.

    Sad for my community. Sad for all those people who praised her because at some point in their past, they were made to feel ashamed for the fact that their parents left their homeland. Worse of all, the people who made them feel ashamed were most likely their own parents. You see, I love Spanish. It is an incredibly beautiful, lyrical, and profound language.

    Being multilingual allows a person to understand multiple perspectives, because built into every language is a worldview that is distinct and, when coupled with another culture, can better inform a person on why their dominant culture is the way it is. It also opens up job opportunities, travel opportunities and the opportunity to discover great literature, music and movies in the original languages.

    It was the first novel I read by a Latino author, and while I had taken Spanish in high school, I never took it very seriously due to the aforementioned inferiority complex. Yet reading that classic novel made me determined to read Marquez in his original language. No, it was so I could experience these wonderful artists as they had expressed themselves, rather than through the filter of a translator. As a result, for a while I read Spanish better than I spoke it, but once I met my wife and she encouraged me to speak more, I improved in that area as well. The negative connotations I had grown up with eventually faded away, and I came to see how integral Spanish is to being Puerto Rican.

    Preserving a culture requires cultivating appreciation, and that begins with our elders and native speakers dropping the shame tactics, dropping the arrogance and purity tests, and instead being a positive spokesperson for the beautiful Latino cultures who proudly express themselves in Spanish. His books, Kings of 7th Avenue and The Feast of San Sebastian, deal with issues of identity and corruption in both the Puerto Rican diaspora and on the island. He lives in Colorado Springs and can be reached at jon. Kirk Whisler Executive Editor kirk whisler. Both boards of directors unanimously agreed to this historic alliance.

    New America Media http: Above is a link to a consortium of ethnic media companies - New America Media. I have a high regard for this organization and its founder, Sandy Close. They do a lot to support the ethnic media community. Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Life Along the Border: To be honest with you I have yet to read this book but according to Tijerina, the written of Tejano Legacy, it is a very important work when it comes to detailing life in the Rio Grande Valley. If you are a member of Las Villas del Norte make sure to buy a copy since it will be a book that I know we will discuss, in the future, in our book club.

    I just received my copy two days ago and I am already pages into this book and from the very little I have read you will not regret getting a copy and at that price there is no reason you should not get one. Her complex analysis de-emphasizes the role of the Texas Revolution in Texas history and explores the ways in which Anglos and Mexicans developed tense ties following the U. Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

    Editors Preface Part I Introduction: Present Mexican Population in the Counties Considered 4. Remembering California's Bilingual Constitution Nov 7th: Below, are a couple of examples of Eddie's maps. To register for the November 5th event, go to: Eddie Martinez's vast entertainment design experience defies traditional categories and labels.

    His career has spanned the many disciplines that today account for his unique prestige and acclaim. Martinez's gift of design would soon put him in television where he worked on such television series as Peyton Place, Julia, The Ghost and Mrs. His work for Walt Disney World in Florida also includes major historical oil paintings for the pre-show of the Hall of Presidents, working with industry luminaries such as motion picture academy award winner Vittorio Nino Novaresse, costume designer and Disney theme park designer, Herb Ryman.

    Martinez also turned his design expertise to live stage and major events, one of which was supervising the set construction and scenic set paintings of MGM's spectacular Hello, Hollywood, Hello, in Reno, Nevada. In he was the float designer for the Beverly Hills St. Eddie explains his dedication to the early Spanish colonization of the Americas in an article under the United States , click. Do read and see examples of other maps which will be on display.

    Teachers will appreciate a display of the Lorenzo books, an award winning youth series of historical novels, written by Lila and Rick Guzman. To register, go to: All the Lorenzo novels are fiction, but they are based on facts. We call our writing "Faction. Writing a historical novel is a special challenge in many ways. Sometimes, crucial information is missing. For example, we were unable to find descriptions of George Gibson or William Linn. No one seems to have painted a portrait of either man.

    William Linn was killed by Indians in Linn Station Road in Louisville, Kentucky, bears his name. Unfortunately, no one knows what he looked like. Lorenzo's Revolutionary Quest Book 2.

    portada del día

    Lorenzo goes on another challenging mission to Texas to purchase head of cattle from the Spanish.

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